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Friday, November 9th, 2001 
Columbia University, New York City. 
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This year we will once again have another group of highly distinguished speakers in the usual informal workshop aimed at fostering communication between academia and industry. 


Opening Remarks  8:45-9:00

9:00- 9:40         Philipp Schoenbucher, Bonn University 
                        "Pricing Exotic Credit Derivatives" based on "A Libor market model with default risk" and "Copula-dependent defaults in intensity models" 
9:40-10:20        Zhifeng Zhang, Morgan Stanley 
                        "Simulating Correlated Default Arrival Times and Pricing Basket Default Swaps"

10:20-10:50      Break

10:50-11:30      David Chasman, Sempra Energy Trading 
                        "Managing 'Simple' and Not-So-Simple Energy Risk" 
11:30-12:10      Keynote Address: 
                        Richard Sandor, Environmental Financial Products 
                        "The Chicago Climate Exchange:  Creating a Market for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading"

12:10-1:30        Lunch

1:30-2:10          Michael Johannes, Columbia Business School 
                        "The Impact of Jumps in Volatility and Returns" 
2:10-2:50          Alan Lewis, OptionCity.net 
                        "A Simple Option Formula for General Jump-Diffusion and Other Exponential Levy Processes" 
2:50-3:30          Nick Webber, University of Warwick 
                        "Lattice Methods for Levy Processes"

3:30-4:00          Break

4:00-4:40          Steve Heston, Goldman Sachs 
                        "The Expectations Puzzle in a Log-Linear Bond Model" 
4:40-5:20          Phelim Boyle, University of Waterloo 
                        "Monte Carlo Methods for Asset Allocation"

5:20-6:00          Wine and cheese reception


By Nov. 2: $110 ($30 student) 
On site: $150 ($40 student)

By Nov. 2: $220 
On site: $300

A light lunch will be provided, and a wine and cheese reception will be held at the end of the day.


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***Note:  This is a different location from previous years***

L107 Warren Hall 
115th Street and Amsterdam Ave. 
Columbia University, New York City 



M. Broadie, P. Glasserman, C. Heyde, S. Kou, and K. Sigman 


Past speakers in the workshop series

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